Taking steps for safety

CVUSD makes changes in month after Sandy Hook

Newbury Park High School Principal Athol Wong will never forget her first day on the job. Classes were underway on Sept. 12, 2006, when an anonymous bomb threat left on the school’s answering machine compelled the new administrator to evacuate the school. “I wasn’t fearful, I was methodical,” Wong said. “I wanted everything to run smoothly.” Though the threat eventually […]

Woman killed in wreck crashed twice in 90 minutes

Both crashes happened in early morning hours of Jan. 22

Police are still trying to find out why a Simi Valley woman driving with her young daughter was killed in Newbury Park early last Tuesday after she crashed her vehicle for the second time that morning. Eydie Ann Brewer, 55, hit a tree on Newbury Road at Kelley Road on Jan. 22 around 5:30 a.m., police said. She was taken […]

Residents upset with USPS plan

A proposal to relocate the Newbury Park post office at 1602 Newbury Road to save more than $300,000 a year was met with overwhelming opposition during a public meeting held by U.S. Postal Service officials this week. On Jan. 29 the boardroom at Thousand Oaks City Hall was packed with about 50 local residents who argued that the potential new […]

Legislators introduce tougher laws against those who prank police

‘Swatting’ is a disturbing new trend

After a recent string of phony crime reports in Los Angeles and surrounding cities cost taxpayers thousands of dollars, two state legislators are pushing for tougher laws to fight “swatting.” Swatting is the name recently given to the act of falsely reporting an incident to draw first responders, such as SWAT team members, to the scene of an “emergency” that […]

USPS move makes sense

It is frequently maintained that if government were run more like a business, we’d all be better off. That’s a notion we can subscribe to. And it’s why we hope the opponents of relocating the Newbury Park post office will give up their fight. The outcry at Tuesday’s meeting (see related story on page 1) was proof that some people […]

Political Cartoon

Use cameras to catch bad drivers

I was sorry to see in the Jan. 24 Acorn that progress in installing new traffic lights has come to a halt. Most of the busier intersections really need lights for safety. Moreover, at many intersections, traffic signals should be supplemented by surveillance cameras to catch those for whom traffic lights are merely advisory. Recently, I was preparing to make […]

Shop for pups through AKC

Regarding the recent articles on buying puppies in stores and online, Craige Story (Letters, Acorn, Jan. 24) made excellent points. If you can’t find a purebred puppy at the shelter and want to buy one from a reputable breeder, go online to a local breed rescue or contact the American Kennel Club’s national and regional breed clubs breeder referral. These […]

Security needed, not gun control

It is unfortunate that our political leaders continue to use such tragic events as our children being killed on school campuses as an excuse for their negligence in providing a safer environment for the students while attending school. Our elected officials’ approach to every major school shooting that has occurred over the past two decades has been to immediately start […]

Mandate gun insurance

On Sat., Jan. 19 the NRA, other tea party pals and gun enthusiasts actually promoted Gun Appreciation Day. Talk about the poster child for short-term memory loss with an extra side of arrogance and ignorance to all families and survivors of gun violence. The massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School was only a few short weeks ago, yet some treat […]