Amgen responds to criticism

As a community partner for 40 years, the people of Amgen care deeply about our campus environment, as well as that of our surrounding neighborhoods, where thousands of our employees live and raise their families. We give back through charitable grants, staff volunteering and our Amgen Foundation programs, which focus on education of tomorrow’s scientists. We’ve invested heavily to be […]

High in T.O. was not that high

I just want to point out some facts regarding the very high temperatures experienced on Sept. 6 and last week’s Acorn article, “The mercury just kept rising.” First, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration website lists four weather station sites along the 23 corridor between roughly Avenida de Los Arboles on the north to the 101 Freeway on the south. […]

Biopharma firm will be OK

I had to laugh at Mr. Kappas’ Sept. 10 letter expressing his concern for the future of Amgen as a result of a 22% cut in the federal international affairs budget. Mr. Kappas, I have the greatest of confidence that this “pillar of our community” will continue to earn record profits as one of the major biotech companies in the […]

The bridge to nowhere

I was shocked to learn on Page 3 of last week’s Acorn that the estimated cost of the wildlife bridge across the 101 Freeway is now $89 million. Wasn’t it only $50 million just a year ago? And who are we kidding? We all know it’s going to end up at $100 million. Someone is going to make a killing […]

It’s time to reopen safely

Many businesses, including gyms, salons, movie theaters, bowling alleys and more, are still closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This despite the fact that death rates are on the decline. The closure of these businesses has affected the mental health of millions across our country and the financial stability of many small-business owners. Of people ages 18 to 29, 42% […]

Too many lives have been lost

We were all appalled after the tragedy of Sandy Hook, 26 innocents gunned down. Then came Las Vegas, 50 more lives lost. We wept over these abominations, these senseless losses of life, and felt for the families. Yet we seem to have forgotten what those feelings were, how they felt, how strong they were. Because this kind of senseless, inexcusable […]

Closed schools bad for kids

As a high school history teacher in the Conejo Valley for over 20 years, I have come to deeply appreciate how an understanding of history can give perspective to current events. I have found this to be particularly important for teenagers in acquiring an informed attitude toward facing difficulties. It can also help them manage any displaced fear or anger. […]

Another take on conservatives

In his Sept. 3 letter, Mr. Elias tries to look for commonality between liberals and conservatives but has to use a broad brush to paint the portrait of the conservatives. As one who would fit under the label “conservative,” I believe there are things worth conserving, such as the planet, the rule of law, the family, the Constitution and transcendent […]

Labeling adds to polarization

We often hear, and read, comments about the polarization and lack of civility in our country. Unfortunately, this has been apparent for many years, and with people like Mr. Elias, whose letter appeared in the Sept. 3 Acorn, you can understand why. His words were hurtful and unnecessary. This is what he thinks of those whose opinions do not agree […]

Area 1 candidate stands out

I am writing to share my support for Karen Sylvester for the CVUSD school board. Our family met Karen four years ago after relocating from the East Coast. We have been impressed by her volunteerism, leadership and unwavering support for students during my daughter’s years at Westlake High School, especially with regards to her efforts to get parents involved to […]

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