Use cameras to catch bad drivers

I was sorry to see in the Jan. 24 Acorn that progress in installing new traffic lights has come to a halt.

Most of the busier intersections really need lights for safety. Moreover, at many intersections, traffic signals should be supplemented by surveillance cameras to catch those for whom traffic lights are merely advisory.

Recently, I was preparing to make a left turn from Olsen Road to Sunset Hills Boulevard, where there are traffic signals.

The left-turn arrow turned green and I had just started to turn when a fast-moving car from the opposite direction on Olsen blew through his red light and roared through the intersection, nearly hitting me.

Given the size of my car and his speed, it would have been a fatal accident.

One problem with our traffic patterns is that major streets are becoming subject to “freeway-ization.”

Olsen Road is treated as an extension of the 23 Freeway. So some drivers continue at freeway speeds and pay scant attention to traffic signals.

With surveillance cameras we could catch these miscreants and teach them something about traffic laws.

Of course, I assume existing surveillance cameras are used and lawbreakers receive appropriate punishment. If not, why not?

William R. Hosek
Thousand Oaks