One-party rule is ruining the state

Rest easy now that our crack California Legislature has passed a new law to require students to learn “media literacy skills.”

In addition, the topic will be “woven into classes and lessons throughout the year.”

Public education is already indoctrinating our children with all kinds of Marxist-based identity and victimization politics, which hamper their students’ career prospects and foment political violence.

Now, the teachers, whose politics are overwhelmingly left-leaning, can “teach” the children how to “interpret” the news.

Meanwhile, California is 40th in state ranking for its public schools and spends $14K+ /student.

Vouchers are the only way out. The teachers unions have probably already managed to ban a statewide ballot initiative to implement school vouchers.

One-party rule is ruining this once great state.

Tom Casey
Thousand Oaks