Ignatius G. Alessandrino



Ignatius G. Alessandrino was born on April 23, 1930, in Canarsie, Brooklyn, New York.

Iggy grew up surrounded by a large Italian Catholic Family. During his formative years, he was taught by example to work hard, live by the Golden Rule, and lend a helping hand, which he did wholeheartedly throughout his life.

In 1950, He enlisted in the U.S. Navy. With unwavering courage and dedication to his country, he served with honor during the Korean War.

Upon being discharged, he went to work in the family-run fish market, later to be employed by the Housing Authority.

In 1958, he married his wife, Blanche, and together they had 4 children.

In 1971, Iggy packed up the wagon and moved his family to Thousand Oaks, California. Iggy always longed to return to the place of his youth, Brooklyn, New York but remained in California because of his family’s preference.

Iggy worked for Grumman Aircraft as an Aircraft mechanic. Masterful at his skill, He co-created a clear wing tip for the Tomcat F18, which enabled a camera to view the trajectory of a launched missile.

A member of St Paschal’s Catholic Church, Iggy was a founding father of Branch 380 of the Italian Catholic Federation. He recruited and welcomed each new member as if they were family… many became closer than family. Iggy enjoyed & took pride in what they could accomplish together.

At the ICF Annual National Convention, he was presented with the “The Family of the Year” award, having been selected as the 2018 recipient.

Iggy could find humor in almost any situation, including growing older.

He would comment,” The Grim Reaper can not catch a moving target!”

Iggy passed away during his sleep on the evening of April 13, 2023.

Our Father’s soul has been released from the body that has kept his youthful spirit from enjoying the later years of his life.

When you reflect on the various times that Iggy made you feel welcomed, or loved, or if he made you laugh and smile, remember him exactly as that, the first person to give a hug, the first person to lend a helping hand, the person who made everyone feel welcome, and that he cared. Iggy put his needs after everyone else, especially in his final years, for the sake of his beloved wife, Blanche.

Iggy is survived by his wife Blanche, of over 65 years, his 4 children, 8 grandchildren, & 1 Great Grandson.

He is survived by his best friend and sister, Ann Diglio, his numerous cousins, nieces, nephews, and countless friends that always brought joy to his heart.

With much admiration and respect, to Dr.Russ Hines, a heartfelt, Thank you, for being who you are, your expertise sets the bar for other Physicians, and your kind heart, is an example for all humanity.

A Celebration of Life in memory of Ignatius G. Alessandrino is to be held on June 10, 2023.

For details and location, please contact his daughter Janet: email: Janet247onthego@gmail.com Phone: message or text 805-906-0254

An RSVP is kindly required by June 5, 2023, to attend this event.