Local Ophthalmologist Focuses on Excellence in Vision Care



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In addition to being passionate about “spreading stellar vision,” as he puts it, local ophthalmologist Dr. Rajesh Khanna specializes in Lasik, SMILE and PIE eye procedures.

Those not familiar with these techniques need not worry because, along with his cool sense of humor and warm presence, Khanna is more than happy to share information about them, especially the latest SMILE technology, which is revolutionizing eye care.

Short for small incision lenticular extraction, SMILE eye surgery is a 30-second micro-precision procedure that offers an innovative twist to Lasik that he calls “bladeless, flawless and effortless.” This type of laser eye surgery is a game-changer, Khanna said.

“It’s a totally different technique where there’s no flap.”

The Westlake Village resident also pioneered PIE, which stands for presbyopic implant in eye, a technology that uses three zones of vision, allowing people to see near and far—and everything in between—in each eye “without the need of any visual aids for the rest of your life,” he said, adding, “Say bye-bye to trifocals, bifocals and goobye readers, too. While bidding adieu, say good riddance to contact lenses, too. Binocularity is better than monovision.”

As a matter of fact, everything you would need to know about most eye issues can be found on his informative site at Or, for those who would prefer to have procedures explained to them in person, Khanna will host a free local seminar at 4:30 p.m. Wed., Aug. 24 at his Khanna Vision Institute in Westlake Village at 31824 Village Center Road, Ste. F.

Titled “SMILE or PIE,” the seminar is open to all ages “over 18 to 180,” he said. Along with light refreshments and extensive information, he’ll explain how PIE is the perfect procedure for people over 50 who may have given up hope of ever having better vision. He’s even written a book on the subject called “Rejuvenate Aging Eyes: The Miracle of PIE.”

Although these techniques might seem complicated to the average person, Khanna has a knack for explaining everything thoroughly, and he will take the time to do so at a personal consultation as well.

A bonus of dealing with Khanna is the fact that, although he is an expert with these techniques—and one of the only surgeons certified to perform SMILE in Ventura County—he and his team can also deal with any eye care needs, including soft and hard contact lenses, specialized prescription glasses and sunglasses—“a one trustworthy stop-shop for all your vision needs,” he said.

To reach as many people as possible with his vision for vision, he and his team of doctors operate out of six area offices: Moorpark, Oxnard, Westlake, Beverly Hills, Inglewood and Sherman Oaks.

For more information about Khanna or to book a consultation, call (805) 222-7785 or go to the Khanna Vision Institute website listed above.