All council pay must be reviewed

I was glad to see that the Thousand Oaks City Council is “finally” getting around to looking into the lifetime benefits issue.

Hopefully they will get this injustice corrected quickly. Did we ever figure out who approved this in the first place?

Next up, I would hope that the entire City Council part-time pay package is reviewed.

What is their total compensation?

Why do these part-time jobs include a complete benefits package (medical/dental, etc.) and CalPERS retirement benefits?

Few, if any, full-time jobs in the private sector come with such generous benefits and a pension plan.

I imagine that the City Council and/or the city management will try to compare the council’s compensation with other cities. That is misguided.

Clearly public sector pay is way out of whack throughout the state.

As a taxpayer, I don’t think we need to concern ourselves if other cities are paying too much for part-time work; we need to do what is best for our community. Jeff Taylor Westlake Village