As a former Regent for California Lutheran University who was on the board when we approved the creation of a partnership with Elton and Janice Gallegly to establish the Gallegly Center, I have to say that I could not be more embarrassed for the university.

They pursued the Galleglys to house their 26 years of historical documents at the university. They took the funds the Galleglys raised to build the library annex to house the Gallegly Center.

The annex was built and then never made available to the Galleglys or the advisory board to have programs or fundraisers to support the center.

The school agreed to digitize all the historical documents and make them available to the world electronically, then decided not to do that either.

All of this and more was contractually agreed to by both the university and the Galleglys, but only California Lutheran University has decided to not honor their word or their contractual obligation.

This is very sad and disappointing. I expect better from California Lutheran University.

Glen Becerra
Simi Valley