2017-07-06 / Editorials

Don’t forget to make this summer a memorable one

The way time flies, summer will be over before we know it. Will you have made the most of it?

Here at the Acorn we reject the notion, advanced by some residents—especially young ones—that there’s “nothing to do here.” The Conejo and Las Virgenes communities are home to a veritable cornucopia of summer activities, both indoors and outdoors, that can be enjoyed for just a few dollars or even free.

So put down the smartphones, extricate the earbuds and have a look around.

For starters, summer is a great time to see what’s going on with your local recreation and park district. Whether you’re 7 or 70, you’re sure to find an activity that suits you.

As for the kids, encourage them to read something fun. Take them to the library or bookstore. The local libraries all have excellent programs that encourage young people to think and read. Make it a habit to go at least once a week. Reading never goes out of style.

Sign the kids up for an arts and crafts class or send them to a sports camp. And guess what? Not all sports have to be organized and costly. Remember the days when you called for a game of pickup baseball and the whole gang showed up?

At the very least, pay a visit to your local park or playground and just chill. Almost all of them are fun places to enjoy a picnic lunch or an evening barbecue. Bring the whole family along, and don’t forget the basketball or Frisbee.

If sports aren’t to your liking, consider taking up a new hobby—like painting or sculpting—or sharpening your mind by taking a class on horticulture or genealogy.

Sound square?

Not in the least. What’s old is new again.

Concerts in the park are a great way to enjoy the beautiful summer twilight. Shows are held throughout the summer.

Also, encourage your child to go to the beach on one of the city beach buses. The ride is safe, the cost is cheap and kids can stay occupied for practically the entire day.

Lastly, invest in a membership at one of the many area museums because now’s the perfect time to introduce your children to the exciting world around them. Teach them how to grow a garden, tie a knot or work with wood. Asking them to play a board game might be a bridge too far. (Not all of us even own one any more.)

For a list of weekly fun things to do, keep an eye on the Acorn’s weekly Calendar.

Despite your best efforts, you still might get that annoying “there’s nothing to do today” look. If it happens, just tell Junior to take a hike—we’ve got wonderful open spaces.

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