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Cat adoption center makes move

The Valley Cats Adoption Center of Woodland Hills recently moved to 790 Hampshire Road, Ste. H, Thousand Oaks, at the Executive Center.

Valley Cats was one of the first all-adoption centers to open in a retail mall in 2012 in the San Fernando Valley.

The new center is 15 minutes from the former location.

Valley Cats is a private, no-kill, tax-exempt, nonprofit charitable organization founded in November 1999. It is 100 percent volunteer based, and every dollar raised goes to the animals. Donations are tax-deductible.

Founder Debrah Regal has over 50 years of experience in rescue.

The center is a cage-free facility that allows pet lovers to see the personalities of the cats without the animals feeling fearful or cramped in a metal box. The cats are free-roaming and can visit with potential adopters.

The center’s volunteers are professional and knowledgeable. They get to know the personalities and backgrounds of each of the rescues as much as possible.

The staff tries to make each adoption personalized to the needs of family and pets.

Many of the rescues come in hurt, sick, scared or abandoned. The volunteers work with the cats until they are ready for adoption. To help prepare animals for adoption, their medical and physical needs are attended to: vaccinations, neutering, medication, dental work, behavioral rehabilitation or surgery.

Education and advice on animal behavior and health-related issues are offered when needed. A bereavement program is in place to help owners cope with the loss of their pets.

Feral cats are trapped and neutered; their medical and physical needs are attended to, then they are released back to their familiar surroundings.

Valley Cats always takes back cats adopted from them any time in their lifetime.

Rescues stay at the center until they are adopted, some for over five years.

Valley Cats pulls “red listed” animals from high-kill shelters as well as takes in kittens found in yards and industrial areas.

All cats are neutered, vaccinated, fully vetted, defleaed, dewormed and microchipped.

The center cannot take in more animals than can be financially handled. Funds raised support routine and specialized veterinary care, board-certified surgical care, facility costs, and food, housing and supply costs.

For more information, contact Yvette Berke at (818) 992-3225 or yberke@aol.com, or Regal at (818) 883-5252 or valleycatsinc@aol.com.

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