2017-03-16 / Letters

Obstructions make roadway a hazard

There’s a hazard on Montgomery Road in the Waverly Heights neighborhood, and it’s not the traffic.

Some of the residents living on Montgomery have placed obstructions in the public right of way that runs beside the road. Over the years, the number of obstructions has increased. Now boulders, plantings and fences block the public right of way.

These items force pedestrians to walk on the roadway where cars are flying by. The city and the residents should be concerned with this brewing liability.

Instead, the city says removing the obstructions would be an undue economic burden on the homeowners. Of course, these obstructions were originally paid for and installed by the homeowners themselves.

A small number of people in the neighborhood have been organizing other residents and will be circulating a petition to close Montgomery Road to thru traffic. A closure of Montgomery Road will not address the root cause of the hazard.

Closing the road will reduce the amount of traffic, but the remaining traffic will still have to avoid pedestrians who are forced to walk in the roadway.

Montgomery Road should not be closed because of a few homeowners who create a hazard by forcing pedestrians to walk on the roadway.

Calvin Smith
Thousand Oaks

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