2017-03-16 / Letters

Mismanagement of funds is cause for recall

After reading last week’s front-page article “Costs continue to mount at M&O site,” I’ve come to only one possible solution— every CVUSD board member who voted for this fiasco should resign.

According to the article, we sold property that housed both Conejo Valley High School and the maintenance yard for $8.9 million. We then bought a piece of property to house only the maintenance yard for $6.4 million that, at the time, needed $3 million in improvements, for a grand total of $9.4 million.

Now that has grown to a figure of $11.4 million, with potentially more money needed.

In addition, it appears that the facility is not meeting the needs of staff and parking is crowded. Did I mention one of the buildings will probably need a new roof?

Are you kidding me? Who does this? These board members are elected to watch over our students and the funds we provide to them.

What have they done? They threw our CVHS students under the bus and wasted our money because of improper planning and very poor financial decisions.

In a nutshell: We sold property for $8.9 million; we have spent $11.4 million to date with more on the horizon, and, most importantly, we still do not have a space for our CVHS students.

If this was a personal situation it would go like this: I sold my house for $890,000, the one I need to purchase is $1,140,000 for half of the space. So I will need to purchase another house for $600,000, totaling $1,740,000, to match what I had. Absolute brilliance.

I hope someone can tell me I’m missing something, please.

If you can’t, I strongly urge we begin a petition to remove these people from office.

Dennis DeGennaro
Thousand Oaks

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