2017-01-12 / Letters

There are real issues to report on in T.O.

Are there no new articles that the Acorn can go after? You seem to be in the same rut the City Council is in.

Rehashing the same old thing. In this instance, it is Scott Mitnick (“Former T.O. city manager secures new public role,” Acorn, Jan. 5). He was fired seven months ago.

He made a mistake and the city took action. Time to move on.

This city has so many important issues no one wants to talk about.

We have seniors who would like a senior facility where they can reside when they can no longer live alone. The city keeps killing every spot recommended.

You do realize that shortly we will be known as Thousand Oaks/ Conejo Valley the “City of the Old”?

Forget the good folks who live here. There’s nothing in Thousand Oaks called affordable housing.

You have to have lived here a long time or have parents who gave you a big down payment or wealth is in your family line. I couldn’t live here if I weren’t here already and frugal with my income.

The City Council is worried only about multiuse buildings and getting revenue for the city from the Bentley, Maserati and Ferrari dealerships. They won’t help you much in the next recession.

You had a chance at Costco and, yet again, the City Council screwed that up.

We have a homeless population that I’m sure is higher than the 84 cited in the most recent homeless count. Are you just going to continue to let them wander aimlessly and beg?

What we need to worry about is the folks in our town, the seniors and our children.

If we get past those issues, this really will be a great place to live.

Maureen Turley-Gutierrez
Thousand Oaks

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