2017-01-12 / Letters

Interchange project has left a big mess

Although I appreciate the hard work that was done to improve the 101-23 freeway interchange, I’m disturbed to learn that Caltrans has canceled its contract with the landscaping company that was to provide vegetation and irrigation along the on- and off-ramps at Moorpark Road.

These four roadways are a complete disaster. Please take a drive to see the mess that’s been created by the contractor.

Sprinklers were finally installed but never activated because there is nothing to water. The tri-light signals installed on the southbound on-ramp many, many months ago—which must have cost thousands of dollars in taxpayer money—have never been activated.

I learned recently that Caltrans has canceled the landscaping contract due to lack of funding.

“Something should be done by winter 2017,” they told the city. I was advised that Caltrans might put some mulch on the ground.

Wattles and sandbags from the winter of 2015 remain, all of which are decayed, torn and useless. It’s nice to know that 170,000 daily commuters are delighted with the freeway improvements, but what about the thousands of Thousand Oaks residents who are left with the same debris and carnage that lines the on- and off-ramps from the years of construction?

Perhaps the Acorn should revisit this “great” construction job. I’ve had many conversations with City of Thousand Oaks officials who’ve expressed their frustration with Caltrans and the contractor regarding the empty promises made by both of them concerning these ramps.

About 18 months ago I spoke with the representative from Caltrans who is the liaison on this project. She was going to look into all of this and get back to me. Never happened.

Numerous follow-up emails and phone calls remain unanswered. Apparently we are just too far away from Los Angeles to matter much to Caltrans, and unfortunately, our city officials could not muster enough strength to make a difference.

Neil Krupnick
Thousand Oaks

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