2017-01-12 / Letters

CRPD has destroyed Triunfo Park

If you haven’t been in a while, please visit Triunfo Park and see its destruction due to the removal of huge swaths of grass. The park is an important community asset and used by many hundreds of people every day.

Families enjoy picnics and reunions; sports teams use it to practice; home-school groups meet there regularly; dog owners use it to socialize; new moms, seniors and others use it to exercise and stay healthy, and I, as a scoutmaster, use it for Boy Scout meetings, to teach map and compass skills and for other Scout activities.

The CRPD has made these devastating changes with little or no public input. Only a small fraction of the community was invited to the one public meeting, while the rest of us were left in the dark. And significantly more grass was removed than originally promised.

The CRPD says: “Our mission is to enrich the quality of life for our community by preserving and enhancing recreational opportunities, parks and open space.” But their actions in Triunfo Park have eliminated half the usable recreational open space.

I’m very disappointed in the CRPD.

Jake Nonnemaker
Westlake Village

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