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Cleanup needed, but how much?

I am responding to the Sept. 3 letter from Davis Gortner because I am the petitioner that Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) was trying to protect from such personal attacks.

I have no connection to Boeing except for the fact that I worked at the Santa Susana Field Lab for three years, over 50 years ago.

I petitioned ATSDR to provide the community an authoritative, independent assessment of the risk that SSFL now poses to surrounding communities. Master Gortner provides no substantiation for his condemnation of ATSDR.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the training or expertise to evaluate the merits of any of the technical or health-related reports dealing with SSFL and its cleanup.

He relies on information that he is fed and which is often erroneous. He makes claims about the reports of the so-called independent oversight panel, but the authors of those reports state that their results are being misstated and misused by activists.

Those reports were never peerreviewed, and there were many questions raised when they were initially published and which were never answered.

It’s truly disappointing when young people are used to promote the agenda of their elders and when their minds are closed to the possibility that some of the information they’ve been given may not be correct. They should be questioning and probing rather than repeating what they’re told.

I’ve found no one who does not want the field lab cleaned up so that it does not pose a risk to people or wildlife.

Boeing, the Department of Energy and NASA are committed to cleaning up the site, with the only questions being how much cleanup is needed to be protective and not more harmful than what is being remediated.

Rather than condemning ATSDR for work they have not done and conclusions they have not made, the community should be looking forward to a fresh unbiased evaluation of the contamination now known to be at SSFL and the possible pathways from SSFL to surrounding communities.

Why are Master Gortner and others afraid of an ATSDR study? Let’s continue the discussion after ATSDR does its work.

Abraham Weitzberg
Woodland Hills

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