2014-03-06 / Letters

Abortion protest too ‘gruesome’

To the people who gathered near the front of Newbury Park High School on Feb. 27 and held up signs with images of aborted fetuses on them, I’m a firm believer in the idea that everyone is allowed to have opinions.

That doesn’t mean I’ll agree with your opinion, but I respect the fact that you have that right. I realize it is completely unreasonable for me to think that everyone will share my opinion. I’ll definitely try and persuade others to join me, but I don’t expect to succeed in doing so every time I have a debate. That’s simply unrealistic.

Personally, I believe that every woman should have the right to have an abortion if she so desires or if it is necessary under certain circumstances. This isn’t saying that I support the act of getting an abortion in and of itself, but I definitely support a woman’s right to choose.

I realize there are many individuals out there who do not share my opinion. That’s OK, because you’re allowed to have your opinion. I won’t agree with you, but I won’t have the same utter disgust I am feeling toward the individuals who were rallying outside Newbury Park High School.

Going to a high school (with students as young as 14 years old) and holding up signs with gruesome images of aborted fetuses crosses a major line. It is extremely uncomfortable, disrespectful to other people and unreasonable.

Regardless of what your stance is on abortion, I know almost for a fact that even some people at my school who are “pro-life” are revolted by what you did.

I know you legally have the right to assemble and form a protest as long as it is “peaceful,” but when you do it in a way that involves obscene, gory and gruesome images such as a dead fetus, that is neither respected nor welcome. Deven Kammerichs-Berke Newbury Park

Kammerichs-Berke is a senior at NPHS.

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