2013-04-11 / Letters

Movie makers far from ‘discreet’

Regarding the porn filming in Newbury Park (Acorn, April 4), we as neighbors of the house on Kathleen Drive would like to inform everyone of our experience.

Filming occurs at the Kathleen Drive house every other day in April.

The article mentions once every two weeks, but that information is from one of two film permits we know of.

The other permit is 14 days in April and 12 days in May.

Sharon Feuer, a location agent for porn filming, said in the Acorn article that the filming is “discreet.”

Here are some examples of what we have seen and heard as neighbors of the house on Kathleen Drive:

1. A woman making moaning and groaning sounds so loud that one of our kids had to turn on music to block the sounds so she could do her homework. We all could hear the sounds.

2. A neighbor saw two naked women on the roof-patio area.

3. A neighbor saw a film shot at the front door of a naked woman dancing at the door.

These are just a few examples of activity that is far from discreet.

The lack of discretion is why we are bringing this issue to our community and local government.

We are not campaigning against the porn industry in general, but we are against porn filming in our neighborhood.

We want to thank county Supervisor Linda Parks for taking up on this issue on our behalf.

Supervisor Parks has been quite responsive to us as we asked for assistance from local government.

Tim Gray
Newbury Park

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