2013-02-14 / Community

Firefighter named to planning board

By Anna Bitong

Nickles Nickles The Thousand Oaks Planning Commission will welcome its newest member next month.

Douglas Nickles, a fire prevention coordinator for the City of Glendale Fire Department, was appointed to the commission by Councilmember Al Adam on Feb. 5.

Daniel Roundtree, a certified financial planner in Westlake Village appointed to the commission last year, was reappointed by Councilmember Jacqui Irwin. Both planning commissioners will serve four-year terms concurrent with the council members who appointed them.

Nickles, who joins the board charged with deciding applications for commercial, residential, industrial and other development projects, said his first aim is to establish a good working relationship with the other four commissioners.

“I really don’t consider my appointment to serve the city as a commissioner about my personal goals. . . . I hope to bring fresh ideas and a new perspective to the issues placed before us through use of constructive dialogue and productive exchanges,” Nickles told the Acorn this week.

He said he will also work to address the concerns of local residents, which include finding a solution for the empty Kmart building on Hampshire Road.

Adam enumerated Nickles’ qualifications at last Tuesday’s meeting. The new commissioner, who earned his MBA at Cal Lutheran University, has experience in community and environmental planning, community development and natural resource conservation.

He was an open space planner for the Conejo Open Space Conservation Agency for three years beginning in 1988 and has served on the Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences Department Advisory Council at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo for 13 years.

“Doug’s going to take care of the open space and the trees in this community, which we all value so much,” Adam said. “Doug has a good track record. He’s well-rounded, he’s active in the community. I know he’s going to do a great job.”

Nickles, who has three adult children, has participated in a long list of community activities since the 1980s. Among them: the dance team and choral program boosters at Westlake High School, soccer boosters at Thousand Oaks High School and ministries at Calvary Community Church. In the 1990s he was a soccer referee, coach and board member for the American Youth Soccer Organization.

“It’s a necessity to be active parents, not just for our kids but also for the community,” he said.

Nickles will be sworn in at the next planning commission meeting on March 5.

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