2012-06-07 / Letters

Parks part of bad SCAG planning

Please interview Linda Parks about her position as a member of the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG). In April of this year, 84 member directors (unelected bureaucrats) representing six counties, 18 million-plus people, voted in a plan from the “compass blueprint” that will transform our counties into sustainable communities.

All six counties will use the same blueprint. One size fits all. The plan projects population growth and needs to 2035.

Our uncollected tax dollars will fund this plan. Who gave these member directors this power? Who is the architect of the plan? One size fits all?

The implementation of the plan has already started. Thousand Oaks Boulevard Specific Plan and the bike paths are examples.

Have you noticed the traffic congestion at Moorpark Road and Avenida de Los Arboles since two traffic lanes have been converted to bike paths? I see no bikes.

Our transportation, food production and distribution, education, healthcare, land use planning, property rights and other freedoms of choice must be evaluated, and this plan must be stopped. Let us hear from you, Ms. Parks.

When I asked you on your Facebook page, you ignored my question. We deserve to hear what is going on behind closed doors.

Susan Kline
Thousand Oaks

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