2012-05-31 / Letters

Parties are self-serving

Independence. Freedom.

Every generation must fight for it, and Linda Parks is fighting for it now.

Her main opponents gave in and made their bargains with the devil, never again to be independent in their political lives, thoughts or actions.

They accepted the money and now dangle from the puppet strings of political obligation; that’s their perpetual repayment for the favors received.

They bargained away their freedom to represent you and me, regardless of what’s best for our district. Now they represent the national parties and the agenda of whomever they serve.

We exist merely to give them a ticket to Washington and then get out of the way—if we give in.

The self-serving national parties don’t like skeptics or progressives or people who believe in fairness or people who believe ends should meet and actually read between the lines or people who will listen with an open mind—so they attack Linda Parks with whatever shameless tactics they can cook up, and this year the taste is foul. They attack whomever they can’t control.

We can restore the principle of local control of Congress by voting for Linda Parks.

No other voters nationwide have a choice like this, but we can prove it is possible, right now, in this election.

Linda Parks is strong enough to stand up and run as a free and independent thinking person, and we can match her strength by going to the polls and marking her name on the ballot. No strings attached.

Wiliam Pratt
Newbury Park

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