2012-03-22 / Letters

Wants more voting transparency

I’m another voter agreeing with Deborah Birenbaum (Letters, Acorn, March 8), who prefers the election process where all voters can participate instead of the City Council’s decision to fill a vacancy by appointment.

She comments: “We seem to like our incumbents. We keep voting for them.”

Do we really like our candidates that much, who manage to be reelected year after year despite strongly expressed dissatisfaction with them and continual controversy surrounding their decisions? After all those angry letters to the editors and noisy council meetings and public outcry? After all the efforts to dislodge them?

After votes to elect council members are counted, the same council majority wins once again. Subsequently, it’s announced that the voting turnout was small. That seems unlikely after so many aroused citizens were anxious for a change in council membership but didn’t vote.

It’s difficult to accept that even if turnout was small, the vote for current council members crushed new candidates.

I would appreciate more transparency, knowing who and what department counts the votes, if the system is efficiently administered, who appoints those who count the votes, and anything else that would reassure that all voters and candidates receive fair treatment. Trust but verify.

Miriam Jaffe
Thousand Oaks

*Editor’s note: Votes are counted by the county’s elections office.

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