2012-03-15 / Letters

Last chance to opt out of smart meters

There is an impending vital issue currently happening under the radar that will affect the residents of Thousand Oaks.

I refer to the upcoming mandatory installation of smart meters to all Southern California Edison (SCE) customers in Thousand Oaks and surrounding Ventura County cities starting next month.

Smart meters allow for remote monitoring and control of your household power by SCE. There is a significant body of evidence opposing smart meters, from reliable sources as well as from various communities where smart meters have been installed and where serious problems have been experienced as a result.

The most critical problem is that smart meters impose potential health and environmental radiation dangers due to bursts of electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) into homes 24 hours a day, despite counterclaims from SCE.

In addition, other potential problems include higher utility bills, hacking, privacy and security issues, remote control of your household power, including thermostats and appliances, by the SCE without your approval or knowledge.

The federal government never mandated smart meters—they were to be offered to taxpayers on an opt-in basis.

California utilities and the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) have manufactured a fake mandate where none exists. More than 47 California cities and counties and a growing number of states and consumer rights groups have taken action opposing smart meters.

You can call SCE at (800) 810- 2369 to be placed on a delay install list. All you need to provide SCE with is your SCE account number or home address. An SCE workman will visit your home and affix a “Do Not Replace with a Smart Connect Meter” tag to your meter.

The sign-up time is limited, so you should call now. Time is of the essence.

There are numerous sources on smart meters, as well as the SCE website, including www.turn.org, the Consumer Power Alliance at admin@consumeerpoweralliance.com, and the American Academy of Environmental Medicine at http://emfsafetynetwork.org.

This issue needs to be properly and promptly exposed to the public, and be thoroughly vetted before intelligent decisions can be made.

Bob Meisterling
Thousand Oaks

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