2012-03-01 / Letters

Self-checkout kiosks aren’t time-savers

I consider myself to embrace technology. As a mother of young children I’m all for anything that makes my life easier.

The self-checkout kiosks at the Newbury Park Library do not make my life, or the lives of any of the patrons that have been in line in front of me, any easier.

I am always asked to use these kiosks by the staff. It always seems that the machine takes issue with one or more materials. Then we must go to the clerk to have our materials checked out anyway.

I have lived in other communities with self-checkout kiosks that are much more user-friendly and superior. I’m hoping that their decision to purchase these kiosks was due to finances and not because it was thought to make the patrons’ lives easier.

From my view they just cause more of a headache. I’d prefer to have one of the friendly library staff check out my materials over a machine any day.

Sara Ayres
Thousand Oaks

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