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Letter writer should be an inspiration

I read with interest the letter of Lee J. Pappas of Westlake Village (“Panhandlers are trespassing,” Feb. 2 Acorn), frustrated and foiled at his repeated efforts to have beggars thrown off shopping centers.

The police chief, politicians and multiple store managers, with whom he has desperately pleaded for help, have only walked past him, giving a deaf ear and turning a blind eye to his cause. Poor guy.

I move that the community support dispossessed men like Pappas.

Starting next week, I propose we set up tables in Westlake to collect money to compensate Pappas for his loss.

His pain and suffering is palpable: Imagine shopping for Grey Poupon, only to be asked for a donation of food when you’ve only got plastic. How thoughtless, the poor.

And the anguish Pappas endures gnashing his teeth driving home. And the loss of sleep at being rejected by the store manager and so many others.

The poor are problematic because they eat food disproportionate to their income.

Pappas would understand that if we leave this unchecked, there will be insufficient nutrition remaining for the other children more deserving, leading them to underperform in school for lack of proper meals.

A strong America understands this dynamic and needs to take a stand against the poor. The best way to do this is if we do not have to see them while shopping, better to forget their plight. Pappas is building a stronger America.

There are so many thoughtless and selfish people who volunteer hundreds of hours to help the poor in millions of communities like Thousand Oaks across the nation.

These people should be inspired instead by Pappas as a shining beacon of thinking outside the box.

If only we all shared his world view. What a different world we would have.

Thank God and the Acorn for making us all aware of the presence of his spirit among us.

Bill Knoke
Thousand Oaks

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