2012-01-19 / Letters

Park board knew site was unfit

After 10 years of public comment and multiple studies conducted at taxpayers’ expense, the CRPD board of directors has voted to scrap the proposed 50-acre Lang Ranch Community Park.

The board made its decision after it was determined that the area sits on a large landslideprone area; however, the board already knew of this information. Ten years ago an earthen dam was constructed directly adjacent to the proposed park site.

At this time soil analysis reports concluded that the area was subject to landslides. Other concerns associated with this proposed park included possible disturbances to Chumash sites and encroachment upon the federally protected Brauntons milkvetch, among others.

According to the park district, it has spent $2.5 million on this project, $2.5 million on land it knew was not suited for such a park. This is money that could have been spent to expand and create programs for seniors and disabled residents.

New park rangers could have been hired, or perhaps the money could have helped create jobs for our youth or to convert some of the many empty buildings in the city to house new programs, or perhaps the funding could have been used to help provide for the growing baby boomer population that is reaching retirement age.

CRPD is now proposing a focus group in order to determine what should be constructed on the site. I propose newly elected officials on the park district board this November. Clint Matkovich Thousand Oaks

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