2011-08-04 / Letters

Flat water rate is right way to go

Although the state tells us there is currently no shortage of the precious element we call water, the water companies and suppliers appear to be taking advantage of those who conserve the most.

For example, my household has reduced usage from an average of 23 units per billing cycle in 2001 to eight to nine units per billing cycle currently. Many Thousand Oaks residents have reduced water usage dramatically.

All we get for that effort is a higher water bill that is commensurate to the amount paid in 2001.

Something must be done with the water rate structure. No one should be penalized for a 55 to 60 percent reduction in usage.

It seems the less we use, the more we suffer rate-wise and the higher the bill goes. I wonder whose pockets we residents are lining and for what purpose.

The water companies will tell you that higher rates are needed to maintain and repair the infrastructure, but had they been practicing preventive maintenance all along, the costs would not be so exorbitant now (don’t even mention salary increases).

There should be a flat rate per unit and everyone should pay based on actual number of units used. Property size is a choice. If you use more, you should pay more. Deb Henninger Thousand Oaks

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