2011-04-21 / Letters

Critics have wrong idea about Hooters

Have you people lost your holier-than-thou minds in this town?

Hooters is bringing down our nation with its sexual immorality? I can only think that these “We’re better than you” locals who are against a Hooters have never been to Hooters.

The way most of you talk, the waitresses are giving lap dances to your husbands while your kids watch with crayon in hand.

I must assume that none of you have ever taken your families to a beach or a resort pool. I can tell you that you will see much more skin there.

I can also assume your children all go to private schools, where uniforms are worn, because the Conejo Unified School District has a looser dress code than Hooters.

Hooters has locations all over the nation, in family neighborhoods and tourist traps, like the Wharf in San Francisco and Santa Monica.

I don’t see any of these places turning into Sodom and Gomorrah. You people in this town should be far more concerned about the number of “massage” parlors opening in this town.

I could care less whether Hooters comes here or not, but don’t pass judgment on a potential business that actually goes out of their way to promote family fun dining when your only experience with that business is you might have seen a calendar or you don’t like the name.

If that was the case, we might not have a Do-it Center or all these massage businesses. Larry Gonzales Thousand Oaks

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