2011-02-24 / Letters

Don’t let up on auto mall sign

Every time I drive past one of those large LED signs at various auto malls around the Southland, I ask myself: “How did that monstrosity get past the planning department?”

To the tower, they are tacky, classless, in-your-face obnoxious, distractive, and furthermore, they are all blights in the landscape.

I was pleased to hear the cheers at the Feb. 10 meeting when the announcement was made that the proposed 35-foot- LED tower was “scrapped.”

Over the years, coming home from a trip, I have looked forward to seeing the time and temperature on the low-profile monument— it has always been a welcome home to me. I certainly would not have the same feelings over a gaudy tower.

Come on, Thousand Oaks, let’s maintain our planning standards and show some class. I look forward to seeing the new proposal at the final meeting. I expect something on the same order as the existing monument. David Rohde Thousand Oaks

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