2010-12-09 / Letters

Auto mall doesn’t need to be ID’d

Does the proposed new auto mall sign project meet the city’s goals of reducing our carbon footprint, of “going green” and being financially responsible? I say no.

So taxpayer money is going to help fund a large sign (used by private enterprises) that uses a lot of electricity purchased from the electric company?

Okay, I see the logic. Perhaps Ms. Perez, facilities manager, can support another boondoggle solar project for this sign like the one for the N.P. Library that’s filled with misinformation and spurious assumptions.

And is Andy Fox being hypocritical when he says he wants to go green but supports blasting all those bright lights in the new sign while I drive along the 101?

Here are some additional thoughts:

Can travelers see the auto mall right off the freeway when they drive by without the big sign?

People are price shoppers and research papers and the Internet for competitive deals and good services. My personal experiences weren’t very good when I shopped in T.O., so I bought my last two cars from Calabasas and Oxnard dealers.

Distraction for drivers? Accidents? Aesthetically not attractive? The building codes don’t seem to hold any weight if we would change the code every time the special interests want to deviate from it. When would this end?

Wasting tax dollars. It is my money. Someone has to pay for it, either the residents or buyers and for sure not the dealers.

Thousand Oaks would no longer hold a bedroom community reputation as it claimed to be. Should I say more?

I realize that the collective auto dealers contribute the largest tax revenue to the city, but so do collective homeowners.

Stop this big ugly sign and wasting my tax dollars. Do it on your own dime. Naree Sukumoljan Newbury Park

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