2010-10-28 / Letters

Pro wrestling fan rallies for support

Do you like WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment)? If so, you are part of the millions of people worldwide who have smiles put on their faces every time one of their favorite superstars hits their big move.

But these moves may soon be no more. Because of recent political events, government officials and part of the media have negatively attacked the WWE.

If WWE is disbanded, what will happen to the superstars? I can’t really imagine them as store clerks.

In Connecticut, the secretary of state recently said she believes that the state’s vote for U.S. Senate may be altered because Linda McMahon, the wife of WWE CEO Vince McMahon, is running.

The secretary of state issued an order that if you show up to the polls wearing any WWE merchandise, such as a Randy Orton shirt or a John Cena wristband, you will be forced to take it off, cover it up, or go home and change out of it.

Though she eventually took back the order, I still think she was discriminating against the WWE.

So I am encouraging you to stand up for the WWE. Do anything. Hold up signs at an intersection. E-mail more newsletters. Do anything.

Thank you for helping me support my favorite TV show. Carson Miller, 11 Thousand Oaks

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