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Home invasion robbery was a hoax, cops say

By Nancy Needham

Paulie Kosta Paulie Kosta More than 30 law enforcement officers responded with air units, K-9s, patrols, special enforcements, traffic and investigators when a man called 911 and reported a home invasion robbery in Thousand Oaks.

But when officers arrived at the 1200 block of El Monte Drive at 9:49 p.m. Aug. 10, they found no evidence of a home invasion robbery, said Thousand Oaks Police spokesperson Sgt. Don Aguilar.

“We take a 911 emergency event very seriously and respond and act at a higher level of urgency to protect the neighborhood,” Aguilar said.

Officers did just that when Thousand Oaks resident Paulie Kosta, 45, allegedly called 911 and reported multiple armed robbers had just left the home where he was staying.

According to a police report, Kosta said shots had been exchanged during his escape from the armed robbers and one of the intruders was possibly injured at the home.

“Our first indication there might be a problem with the report was his behavior on the phone,” Aguilar said.

Kosta appeared to dispatchers to be confused and acting irrationally during the reporting of the crime, he said.

When patrol deputies arrived at 9:49 p.m., they quickly secured the area. Several homes on El Monte Drive in the immediate area were evacuated as a precautionary measure.

Deputies searched Kosta’s home but found no suspects and no victims. No one was injured in the reported incident, Aguilar said.

“He was displaying bizarre behavior consistent with symptoms of being under the influence of a controlled substance,” the sergeant said.

After further investigation, investigators determined the incident that was reported to be a home invasion robbery didn’t occur and there were no outstanding suspects, Aguilar said.

Investigators say they recovered a gun and arrested Kosta for possession of a firearm while under the influence of a controlled substance and for shooting a firearm into an inhabited dwelling, the home on El Monte Drive. The charges are felonies.

He was taken to Ventura County Main Jail. His bail was set at $100,000.

Kosta could be required to pay recovery costs for resources that responded to the incident, Aguilar said.

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