High school and CLU sports are great entertainment

Few things in life are better than a good seat at a major sporting event.

Whether the seat is courtside, right behind home plate or on the 50-yard line, fans appreciate great views of athletic action.

But ticket holders at professional games know their seats don’t come cheaply. A courtside seat to the Lakers? Forget it. You’d need a second mortgage on your house.

Most of us are content with the view from the couch.

Local sports are a different game, however. At Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park and Westlake high schools and at California Lutheran University, many contests are free. (All of them cost nothing at CLU.)

If you have to pay for one of the high school events, it won’t be much.

Throughout the week, high school and college gyms in Conejo Valley are filled with dedicated student-athletes.

Any revenue at the high school games goes back into athletic programs to make sure players have uniforms, transportation, places to play and practice facilities.

If basketball isn’t your favorite winter sport, try catching a soccer game or a wrestling or girls’ water polo match.

Okay, it’s not the World Cup or the NCAA basketball tournament. You won’t see fireworks or Laker Girls, but high school and college sports are fun, and the atmosphere can be electric. These young people give their hearts and souls to the games they love.

They play for pride and old-fashioned school spirit.

So the next time you feel cheated because you won’t be sitting next to Jack Nicholson or rubbing elbows with Tommy Lasorda, remember that the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat can also be found on local high school and university campuses.

A good high school or CLU game is priceless. So, please, support one of the local teams today.

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