2009-02-12 / Letters

The waste must stop in city hall

I'd like to begin by telling the Acorn that I'm ashamed of them for publishing another hit piece on Councilmember Claudia Billde la Peña and those who speak out. I remember roughly 10 years ago when the local papers and cronies in town attacked Elois Zeanah for speaking against the majority of the council.

They spent months trying to recall her and failed, but were successful in dividing the people.

Let's make no mistake, we have a great community, but that doesn't mean that the best decisions have always been made at city hall.

Our current City Council is wasting our tax dollars and needs to stop it. They've recently allowed development on a ridgeline in Wildwood.

We need to stop thinking we live in a bubble and that the economic crisis cannot affect us.

Claudia is doing a great job, and I'm sure she will continue to fight. The Acorn needs to report the news, not the individual opinions of its staff. Clint Matkovich Thousand Oaks

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