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Oaks Christian, CLU broadcasting games live online

Athletic departments partner with KadyTV.com
By Stephen Dorman sdorman@theacorn.com

IRIS SMOOT/Acorn Newspapers THEY'LL DO IT LIVE—Members of the KadyTV online broadcast team include, from left, Bob Allen, Alex Viecco, Audrey Philpot and Chuck Muncie, a former Pro Bowl running back in the NFL. IRIS SMOOT/Acorn Newspapers THEY'LL DO IT LIVE—Members of the KadyTV online broadcast team include, from left, Bob Allen, Alex Viecco, Audrey Philpot and Chuck Muncie, a former Pro Bowl running back in the NFL. Even in the land of kimchi, one can still sit down and watch a live Oaks Christian sports contest.

During the fall and into winter, while stationed in Korea serving with the United States Air Force, Lt. Col. Randy Redell, the 41-year-old son of OCHS head football coach Bill Redell, could open his computer and follow along as the Lions marched on toward another undefeated season.

"It took them a little while to iron the bugs out, so he missed the first game or two online," Bill Redell said. "After that, he was watching them all. He thought it was great. It brought him a little closer to home."

The Oaks Christian home football broadcasts were a pilot program put together by the school and Camarillo-based website www.KadyTV.com, in affiliation with iBN Sports.

Bob Allen, a co-founder at KadyTV, said the website's initial goal was to take online streaming to the next level by incorporating all types of school activities, including live sports.

"We wanted to do things differently than some of the other people that are trying things on the Internet," Allen said.

"Instead of doing just the best game or a game of the week, we wanted to go into a school and basically create the equivalent of a sports network. But instead of just sports, if we're in there, we can certainly broadcast their dramas, all their concerts, even their graduations."

Oaks Christian agreed to broadcasting home football games at first, and, according to athletic director Jan Hethcock, the online games were so successful that other school sports were eventually streamed live, including a girls' volleyball and girls' soccer match and, currently, boys' and girls' basketball games.

"What it's done is open up a complete sports venue for Ventura County, one that's mushroomed into an unbelievable package for relatives, families, scouts," Hethcock said.

"There are colleges that have called (Coach Redell), and he's told them that if they want to see parts of the game live, to see what some kid does, they can go to KadyTV and see it on the Internet. It's been a very good working relationship for us."

Cal Lutheran's athletic department also teamed with KadyTV for its home football games and, later, men's and women's basketball. A plan to broadcast Kingsmen baseball this spring is also in the works.

The university allows KadyTV to utilize its broadcast truck for outdoor high school and college games.

The Los Angeles Lightning, a professional basketball squad that plays its home contests at CLU, also had some of its games streamed online.

David Grannis, director of educational technology at Cal Lutheran, said the KadyTV website is much more fanfriendly than having games shown on local public access TV stations, as had been the norm at CLU in prior years.

"Because we're a college, most of the parents don't live here, and they can never see the games," Grannis said. "And because it was on a public-access station, it wasn't on the TV's guide, so you never knew when anything was going to be played.

"It wasn't a great venue for us."

In addition to showing live games, the website also archives each contest for future playback.

This is an invaluable tool for college and professional scouts, said Chuck Muncie, a three-time NFL Pro Bowl running back who now serves as an analyst for KadyTV.

Muncie often calls Oaks Christian or Cal Lutheran games with Simi Valley resident Joe Buttitta and his son, Joey.

During his career, Joe Buttitta did playbyplay for the California Angels and UCLA. He also worked in television.

Muncie, on the other hand, didn't have a ton of experience in the booth, but that didn't deter him from getting behind the microphone.

"I know the game. I played the game all my life," said Muncie, who competed professionally for the New Orleans Saints and San Diego Chargers following a storied career at Cal-Berkeley.

"I get interviewed constantly, doing radio shows with ESPN or going live on ABC. (Broadcasting) is something that was very easy for me."

Until, of course, Muncie was called upon to broadcast his first girls' volleyball game, a playoff contest last November between Oaks Christian and California.

"It was great," Muncie said of the experience. "I did my homework beforehand to make sure I knew all the terms."

The former running back is also working on a show titled "The Muncie Report," where he'll interview local athletes and reporters for more in-depth stories.

"We want to do this the right way," said Muncie, "as professionally as we can."

The brass at KadyTV, a derivative from KADY Television which broadcast in Ventura County from 1988 thru 2004, has big plans for the website as a whole.

In addition to sports, KadyTV is creating financial, entertainment, news and self-help channels that are all dedicated to local stories. The news channel, in particular, will focus on upbeat items, said Allen, adding that there are plans to extend coverage into Santa Barbara and further north.

"We want to fill the void left by public access and expand on it," Allen said. "Where are we going from here? We're still writing that story."

Broadcast meeting at CLU

The public is invited to attend an open discussion with the KadyTV production team Monday at 6 p.m. at Cal Lutheran. The event will be held at Gilbert Sports Arena, room 254.

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