2008-05-22 / Community

It's fire season

Ventura County Fire Department is advising residents to act now to protect their homes from the threat of wildfires.

Structures in wildland/urban interface zones are at particular risk from wildfires.

The deadline to complete weed abatement on Ventura County properties is Sun., June 1. Abatement gives the fire department a defensible space between an approaching wildfire and the property.

Homeowners should also remove firewood and other combustibles from around their homes and clean out pine needles, leaves and other flammable material from their roofs and gutters.

The fire department offers a "Wildfire Action Plan," a 12page brochure that provides tips, checklists and other resources to assist residents in safeguarding their homes and developing an evacuation plan.

To view and download the "Wildfire Action Plan," go to www.fire.countyofventura.org.

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