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Home Depot is funding the drive against Measure B

Two mailers from the same group opposing Measure B were received by residents in April. This group, Citizens for a Strong and Healthy Thousand Oaks, has a major funder, which is corporate giant Home Depot.

Revenue and pictures of children playing were the focus. The big red stop sign said, "Don't do-it" and painted the picture of Do-it Center as a big corporate bully trying to push out the Home Depot "competition."

What they don't tell you is there is no comparison.

Do-it Center has nine stores in California and is independently owned by Jess Ruf.

Home Depot describes itself as the world's largest home improvement retailer, with 2,300 stores and revenues of $77 billion. It's the second largest big box in the U.S., behind only WalMart. This Wall Street giant will survive if it doesn't make it onto Hampshire Road, and so will the city of Thousand Oaks.

I feel manipulated here. Why would I vote away my right to vote?

Read Measure B at www.keeptomoving.com and decide how you feel.

The measure doesn't deny giants like Home Depot or WalMart from the opportunity to grow in places like Thousand Oaks. Measure B gives the residents the option to voteon developments that are expected to bring heavy traffic.

Why anyone would fight his community on behalf of corporate giants is beyond me. The rich will continue to get richer without our support. The community and local businesses should be the priority, period. If you want "smart growth" go to Los Angeles or San Fernando Valley. If you want a community, don't be intimidated into voting it away.

Keep our options open. On June 3, vote yes on Measure B.

Stephanie Porras Westlake Village  

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