2008-01-31 / Letters

School closures another reason to make changes

Conejo Valley Unified School District (CVUSD) administrators have decided to place the cost burden of declining enrollment squarely on the backs of the taxpayer by closing schools and lowering our property values.

The district's decision to adopt the twice-rejected Everyday Math program is one of the major factors driving the decline in enrollment. Appeals to the district for a traditional math program have been consistently ignored.

In order to reverse declining enrollment it's imperative that the district take steps to improve curriculum and instructional methods to encourage students to return to CVUSD classrooms.

If the district was actively working to improve matters, Everyday Math wouldn't be one of the final three programs currently being considered for use for the next seven years. It's unfortunate that administrators are still willing to adopt this highly controversial math program.

Voters have the power to keep our schools open and to effectively change how CVUSD is managed. Only two additional votes are needed to achieve a school board majority that would support parents in their effort to improve instructional goals with an eye toward fiscal responsibility and strong academic achievement.

If voters aren't able to unseat the two incumbent trustees up for reelection this fall, there's another option. CVUSD parents can unite to form public charter schools run by boards of parent directors that operate independently of district administration.

Voters have the power to change what's happening to CVUSD schools; it's time to get involved, take charge and reform this district. Jo Anne Cobasko Thousand Oaks

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