2007-11-22 / Letters

No matter what, some people are just plain selfish

Oh, how I hate the mouthwatering aroma of a summer barbecue, the sound of people's laughter enjoying the great outdoors.

It really eats at me knowing people are temporarily leaving behind life's worries for just a short time by enjoying other's company and interacting with others in our community. I do enjoy their tax money paying for my own pleasure and selfishness. This is what a few in the Conejo Valley really do think.

Those who oppose the proposed Pavilion off of Potrero Road must be very unhappy people, not to mention selfish. In a letter sent to the Acorn several weeks ago, I again find this entire issue of wanting to keep me and other taxpayers off of this property offensive and selfish.

Where were these concerned activists when Dos Vientos was being planned and built?

This massive destruction of pristine land killed native plants and displaced countless animals that had for centuries enjoyed that open space.

Wait a minute, they're living there now, in Dos Vientos, wishing to keep the rest of us taxpayers in the Conejo Valley out of their backyards.

This after-the-fact protesting is like the folks in Malibu gating off our public beaches, thinking they own everything they can see from their property. They, too, have made it difficult for the taxpayers to legally enjoy what belongs to all of us.

I personally support the project, as do thousands and thousands of other taxpayers in the Conejo Valley. To the few "pretend environmentalists" that keep sounding the drum of doom and selfishness, please do us all a favor, go green. We ask you never again barbecue, have family gatherings, parties, listen to music and please stop driving your smog spewing vehicles that clog others' streets and freeways.

If this pavilion project doesn't happen or even if it does, I just want to remind the rest of the Conejo Valley that Dos Vientos has huge public soccer fields, baseball fields, tennis and basketball courts along with a community center and YMCA we can all use for gatherings and barbecues.

These facilities didn't have complaints of destroying open space when CPRD installed them. Robert Bohlke Newbury Park

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