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'Ugly' bus in Newbury Park not in violation of law

DINGY- Residents feel this vehicle should be moved out of sight. DINGY- Residents feel this vehicle should be moved out of sight. A large green bus has been parked on the streets around Maple Elementary School in Newbury Park on and off for more than a year.

Its presence has caused residents to repeatedly call the sheriff's hotline, (805) 371-8379, to complain in hopes that the giant bus with no license plates is somehow out of compliance with the law. It has been described as an eyesore and creepy.

According to Sgt. Tom Bennett, deputies and sheriff's cadets have been out there and checked into the matter on several occasions. The bus isn't in violation of any law, he said.

The vehicle is registered in Texas, and the license plates have been stolen, Bennett said.

The owners come in and out of town to take care of an elderly relative. They make sure the bus is moved every 72 hours, so it does not qualify as an abandoned vehicle. Its size doesn't put it in violation of city code, he said.

"Nothing in the city of Thousand Oaks prohibits it," Bennett said. "Ugly is not against the law." In a Nutshell

Where to call to report a nuisance +For animal related nuisances, call Animal Control at (818) 991-8709. +To report graffiti, call the graffiti hotline at (805) 449-2492. +For questions about street sweeping or landscaping or to report problems with sidewalks, curbs, gutters, streets, alleys, potholes, main line sewer backups or trash in street, call the public works department at (805) 449-2499. +Neglected weeds that cause a fire hazard on undeveloped property can be reported to the Ventura County Fire Protection District at (805) 389-9710. +To report conditions or concerns about the city's open space areas, call the COSCA park ranger's office at (805) 381-2741.

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