2005-06-02 / Letters

Another unhappy parent sounds off on Everyday Math

I have a firstand second-grade child and two 3-year-olds. I work with both of them throughout the year on both math and reading.

My second-grader has cried over homework because he is asked to solve problems utilizing alternative algorithms that are confusing to him when he can already solve them using traditional algorithms. Standardized tests do not hold the child accountable for methods but for the answer.

Everyday Math (EM) has some valid concepts. However, the idea of offering alternative methods of solving problems is to reach the lowerachieving children who are struggling with the more traditional methods.

Additionally, taking the standardized test results and attributing the increases in math scores to EM is very misleading.

I, like many other parents at Banyan Elementary, have enrolled my children in the Kumon math program.

They have been attending the math program for almost two years now.

My second-grader is at the top of his class in math facts. This is a direct reflection Kumon, not EM.

My father is a theoretical chemist and applied physicist at CalTech.

When he reviewed the EM program, he was astonished that CVUSD would be teaching math this way.

Several families that I know have removed their children from the CVUSD because of EM. Sadly, I am also removing my two children from Banyan at the end of the school year.

Next year they will be attending a private school where they do not teach Everyday Math.

Lisa Lima Newbury Park

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